A.P.C. Self-Care

By Adele Cany

 A.P.C. intro­duces its first body care line of six essen­tial prod­ucts with a sig­na­ture orange blos­som scent. 

Appre­ci­at­ed in per­fumery and cook­ing since Antiq­ui­ty, orange blos­som is part of the cre­ative her­itage of A.P.C. Since 1997 it has been the star of the can­dle n°4. It is also one of the key ingre­di­ents in the fam­i­ly recipes of Jean Touitou’s moth­er, Odette, in the book Tunisia — a coun­try where the bit­ter orange tree flour­ish­es. It is only log­i­cal that this ingre­di­ent is in the cen­tre of the first A.P.C. body care line made in France, con­sist­ing of six prod­ucts with a min­i­mal design and com­posed of at least 98% ingre­di­ents of nat­ur­al origin. 

The stress-reliev­ing prop­er­ties – for the mind and body – of the essence of neroli, pro­duced from the bit­ter orange flower, made it a sta­ple on the list of sub­stances uti­lized by the 18th-cen­tu­ry apothe­caries. This promise of well-being has guid­ed the devel­op­ment of a prod­uct line that focus­es on the essen­tials: a hand lotion, a body lotion, a lip balm, a cologne, a body soap and a hand soap suit­able for every­one, regard­less of gender. 

“In fash­ion as in the cos­met­ics indus­try, the bal­ance between too much and not enough is dif­fi­cult to find. It’s a real job. These six prod­ucts are the best pos­si­ble. They are designed to make you feel good and com­fort­able and help you to have a good day,” says Jean Touitou. 

An approach summed up in Nietzsche’s quote from “Thus Spoke Zarathus­tra”, is print­ed on the prod­uct labels and reads “I am a body through and through, noth­ing more: and the soul is just a word for some­thing in the body”.

Cologne £65 Show­er Gel £40 Body Lotion £45 Hand Cream £20 Hand Soap £40 Lip Balm £15