In a year that has proven itself to be the most chal­leng­ing, unfa­mil­iar, and reveal­ing of our life­times, I bring you our ‘Artistry’ issue.

Art is vital, it is all-encom­pass­ing; a medi­um that tran­scends us into a world of the unknown. We read a paint­ing, an illus­tra­tion and a pho­to­graph, we relate it to our own lives and make it deeply per­son­al. The life of artis­tic expres­sion is a life that pro­vides mean­ing and inspi­ra­tion to every­thing around us, even in the hard­est of times. It evokes unique emo­tions and thoughts that we may sel­dom feel else­where. We set out to do the same with this issue in the form of pho­to­shoots, fea­tures and arti­cles influ­enced by our own loved artists and artis­tic works. Our hope is that it will allow you to flee from the dif­fi­cult cir­cum­stances of our cur­rent exis­tence and bring you a world of inspi­ra­tion and beau­ty.

I am beyond proud to announce we have a won­drous new addi­tion to our team along­side an incred­i­bly tal­ent­ed cre­ative step­ping up to a new posi­tion. The remark­able Natal­ie Yuk­sel is now part of our ever-grow­ing team, tak­ing on the role of Fash­ion Direc­tor at OVERDUE. Natal­ie has an expan­sive knowl­edge of every­thing fash­ion and dove head­first into her new role by styling two of our cov­er sto­ries, all whilst bring­ing us an influx of accom­plished cre­atives and tal­ents, ele­vat­ing OVERDUE to a high­er lev­el as every day passed.

Else­where, the astound­ing Tess Sav­ina stepped up to the role of Cre­ative Direc­tor. With­in hours Tess brought to the table every­thing I knew she would with incred­i­ble con­cepts and ideas that result­ed in sto­ries through­out the issue that, gen­uine­ly, brought tears of joy to my eyes after see­ing the results.

Scour­ing far and wide, both Tess and Natal­ie care­ful­ly curat­ed shoots across the globe includ­ing France, Chi­na and Amer­i­ca with some of the most cre­ative and gift­ed teams we have ever had the plea­sure of shoot­ing for OVERDUE.

I could not be hap­pi­er with the out­come of this issue, it is a con­cept and idea that is so close to my heart and see­ing it come to life makes me proud of what we have accom­plished in such try­ing times. This was only made pos­si­ble by every incred­i­ble indi­vid­ual we had work­ing on this issue; every OVERDUE team mem­ber, every tal­ent and cre­ative that put their trust and time into this issue – you all made this hap­pen, and I am eter­nal­ly grate­ful. Thank you.

Andrew Kim­ber