We are fash­ion­ably late, and with good rea­son. Whilst we sit in iso­la­tion due to Covid-19 I often pon­der the future of not only fash­ion pub­lish­ing, but of the indus­try as a whole. We are in times of des­per­a­tion and hope. I there­fore felt it impor­tant to con­tin­ue as planned, albeit a lit­tle lat­er, and bring you our Spring/Summer 2020 issue of OVERDUE. We’ve called it ‘Nos­tal­gia’, with the aim of giv­ing our read­ers some much-need­ed escapism – sto­ries and arti­cles to indulge in and pho­tog­ra­phy to inspire. Our sec­ond issue stemmed from an idea to look back at the fash­ion and beau­ty that brought us into the cur­rent decade. When we first dis­cussed this at our team meet­ing, we all lit up with excite­ment. We shared screen­shots from our favourite Nou­velle Vague films, Twig­gy eye make-up, the Pra­da cam­paigns we all know and love, glam rock icons and pop stars. We were all enthused and excit­ed at the prospect of look­ing back at the sem­i­nal eras that inspired us to start the mag­a­zine in the first place.

The incred­i­ble Sofa Plet­ne­va graces our cov­er with a nos­tal­gic image rem­i­nis­cent of vin­tage ele­gance and the time of the birth of fash­ion pub­lish­ing. Our fan­tas­tic cre­ative pro­duc­tion team, Stu­dio Bajek, sent me noth­ing more than a Polaroid of our cov­er star, know­ing that we would imme­di­ate­ly be on the same unspo­ken page. With­in 12 hours we man­aged to arrange a pho­to­shoot the day before Sofa was due on a flight to Rus­sia. Post shoot I drove straight to the office to start the edit know­ing that we had the cov­er and want­i­ng to see it come to life. As we wait for the world to set­tle, no one knows what shape our lives and indus­try will be in on the oth­er side. We hope you enjoy this lit­tle world of nos­tal­gia that we brought to you and wish you all a safe return to the future.

Andrew Kim­ber
Edi­tor in chief