Inspired by Japon­isme, a term describ­ing the influ­ence of Japan­ese art and design on the West in mid 19th — 20th cen­tu­ry,
Ale­na Oklar & Andrew Gough bring us our lat­est Online Exclu­sive explor­ing an allu­sion to Asian aes­thet­ics, blend­ed with west­ern cul­ture.

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Ashish Autumn/Winter 2020

What brings you joy? A weath­ered old jumper; a moment of per­fect ecsta­sy on a dance-floor; per­haps the hum­ble com­pa­ny of close friends? The pur­suit of joy has become a fix­ture of our day-to-day lives, its increased impor­tance a con­se­quence of the gen­er­al unease and uncer­tain­ty that plague cur­rent times. But the sub­­scrip­­tion-plan strate­gies we…

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