Editor’s Beauty Picks – Spring 2020

Skin­care, make­up and per­fumery is very per­son­al to us. I find that dis­cov­er­ing new beau­ty prod­ucts can lead to find­ing trea­sure. Here are my Top 10 Beau­ty Picks this sea­son:

Lumene’s Arc­tic Berry Oil-Cock­tail: £29.90

Serum’s are real­ly test­ing the beau­ty indus­try late­ly, and with my sup­port – I can empha­sise the impor­tance of using a serum. Serum’s gives your mois­turis­er a boost, help­ing your prod­ucts tar­get your skin’s needs bet­ter; but also, being a good bar­ri­er between your skin and your make­up. Lumene’s Arc­tic Berry Oil-Cock­tail is packed with Vit­a­min C and oth­er antiox­i­dants that help replen­ish and smooth dry skin. I have found this to increase the longevi­ty of my mois­turis­ers for up to 12 hours and longer – exact­ly what we need for long days!

Veg­an Milk Mois­turis­er by Milk Make­up: £35.00

Men­tioned before in an arti­cle, this is the Emer­ald City in a tub – I can guar­an­tee you won’t be tap­ping your ruby heels to go home because this mois­turis­er is all you need to get by. Enriched with Milk’s Desert Milk, Argan Milk, Fig Milk and Oat Milk – it is the per­fect mois­turis­er for harsh envi­ron­ments. Whilst I may self-iso­lat­ing and am in the com­fort of my own home – I can tru­ly enjoy the 100% veg­an, cru­el­ty and paraben free mois­turis­er. 

BIODERMA’s Pig­ment­bio Dai­ly Care SPF 50+: £18.50

We all need to pro­tect our skin from UVA/UVB that come to attack us every day – this is your main pri­or­i­ty for anti-aging! BIODERMA has tak­en this fur­ther by cre­at­ing a dai­ly mois­turis­er with vit­a­min c and e to pro­tects your skin from sun dam­age and pol­lu­tion – only to focus on help­ing hyper­pig­men­ta­tion. Help­ing to uni­fy your com­plex­ion, it tar­gets dark spots. This SPF helps improve your dark spots and pre­vents fur­ther hyper­pig­men­ta­tion that could be caused by sun expo­sure.

Char­lotte Tilbury’s Mag­ic Eye Res­cue Cream: £42.00

This is your answer to elim­i­nat­ing under-eye bags. I no longer need my morn­ing cup of cof­fee, I just mas­sage this under my eyes and et voila, I am ready for a work’s day whilst my Mag­ic Eye Res­cue Cream pre­vents fine lines, mak­ing me look fresh and ready and re-den­si­fy­ing the most frag­ile part of my skin. The mag­ic is in the win­ter daphne stem cells that ener­gis­es my skin, and pack­ing my skin with vit­a­min a, c and e.

Lumene’s Nutri-recharg­ing Skin Sav­iour Balm: £25.00

Con­stant­ly wash­ing your hands and sani­tis­ing? Are your cuti­cles screech­ing for hydra­tion? Same.

Lumene’s Nutri-recharg­ing Skin Sav­iour Balm became my pro­tec­tor, being an addi­tion­al bar­ri­er to my skin to help reduce dehy­dra­tion. This prod­uct is enriched with Nordic Cha­ga, this ingre­di­ent is your new friend. Nordic Cha­ga is super­food for your skin, pro­vid­ing dry patch­es with opti­mal hydra­tion.

EOS Organ­ic Pome­gran­ate Rasp­ber­ry Lip Balm: £6.50

I remem­ber see­ing EOS in Miley Cyrus’s ‘We Can’t Stop’, and my young self was addict­ed to the for­mu­la behind EOS’s lip balms. Just as things couldn’t get any bet­ter, EOS came rolling and hit a strike – they’ve refor­mu­lat­ed! Their new for­mu­la is now 95% organ­ic and 100% nat­ur­al, pack­ing my lips with shea but­ter and jojo­ba oil. It’s fun, its cru­el­ty free, paraben free, yum­my and packed with mois­ture.

FENTY BEAUTY – Gloss Bomb: £17.00

Non tacky, smells deli­cious and works per­fect­ly for every­one. This Uni­ver­sal Lip Luminiz­er is per­fect for tak­ing you from bed to the liv­ing room for a con­fer­ence call – make­up or no make­up, FENTY’s Gloss Bomb is a sta­ple in my bag. Plus, the shea but­ter is the cher­ry on top, mak­ing this gloss fab­u­lous for every­day use. My shade is Sweet Mouth – which will you pick?

CHANEL’s Les Beiges Eau De Teint Foun­da­tion: £48.00

I have always used CHANEL foun­da­tions, from the Vita­lu­miere to the Les Beiges Healthy Glow; now I’ve met my match – the Les Beiges Eau De Teint Foun­da­tion. Prepped with SPF 25, this foun­da­tion also has kalan­choe extract and UV fil­ters. This is more than just a foun­da­tion; this is the ide­al foun­da­tion for every­day as it con­tributes to your skin’s well­be­ing. This is a must for all foun­da­tion wear­ers!

Chris­t­ian Dior — Belle de Jour Fra­grance: £200.00

I have been reach­ing for this per­fume for more than 2 years, the fruity pear note just uplifts my day. My ide­al scent, fem­i­nine with the right bal­ance between pow­dery and sweet – mod­ern yet sophis­ti­cat­ed. I sug­gest to every­one to explore per­fumes to find your unique scent that match­es your per­son­al­i­ty, there is so much more than the com­mer­cial scents, and with my Beau­ty Picks being focused on dis­cov­ery, this is one for you to try, Mai­son Chris­t­ian Dior has 26 more scents for you to explore!

Bon Par­fumeur x YMC – Dirty Rose Fra­grance: £45.00

YMC’s first fra­grance, and a suc­cess­ful one too. Dirty Rose, spicy and flo­ral – test­ing the bound­aries of what it uni­sex is. Sweet enough for the fem­i­nine, and spicy enough for the mas­cu­line, this bot­tle of scent cap­tures the new gen­er­a­tion. This scent is intox­i­cat­ing, and I live for it – this bold scent with imper­ti­nent tones may push my Belle de Jour to the side, we’ll have to see. This is the per­fume to boosts con­fi­dence, and atti­tude (like I don’t have enough…).

by Thomas Brooks FRSA — Junior Fash­ion Edi­tor