Full Moon in Aries 13th October 2019

The Full Moon takes place at 20°13’ of the Sign of Aries. It main­ly brings upset and cri­sis to Aries, Can­cer, Libra, and Capri­corn per­sons, who are born in the last days of the sec­ond decan, or in the first days of the third decan.

It also affects Tau­rus, Leo, Scor­pio, and Aquar­ius per­sons who are born with­in the first days of their Sign

A Full Moon that brings repressed feel­ings to the sur­face and shakes rela­tion­ships, is tak­ing place on the night of the 13th of October.

Full Moons are always a beau­ti­ful spec­ta­cle. The disk of the Moon hov­ers majes­ti­cal­ly lit, amidst the dark­er sea of the sky, gleam­ing in white mar­ble hues, and stir­ring awe inside us.

In Astrol­o­gy a Full Moon’s ener­gy may be more dif­fi­cult or more easy. This hap­pens because a Full Moon usu­al­ly marks a peak of sen­ti­ments that comes with­in the con­trast­ing ener­gies of the Sun and the Moon. So the out­come becomes more har­mo­nious or more dynam­ic, depend­ing on which aspects are formed at the time of the Full Moon’s occurrence.

The case with this Full Moon in Aries is that it is a great ampli­fi­er of dark emotions.

With the Moon in the Sign of Aries, we may feel the impulse of the soul to act. It may be as if a spring of emo­tions that are over­whelm­ing need to be expressed.




This head­long way of the Aries is not the best way to express how we feel dur­ing this par­tic­u­lar Full Moon. And this is because, under the inten­si­ty of plan­et Plu­to that is mak­ing a T‑Square with the Two Lights, all hell may break loose.

You see, this Full Moon hap­pens on the axis of Aries – Libra that relates to find­ing a bal­ance between our­selves and the others.

This is the rela­tion­ship axis in astrol­o­gy, and in this par­tic­u­lar case, there is a high pres­sure as the two lights are both steeped in the Plu­ton­ian Ener­gy. With this Full Moon in Aries, we may feel as if some­how a dark veil has fall­en on our psy­che, a cloth cov­er­ing smoth­er­ing desires.

The Moon is in Aries and this place makes her pow­er – aggres­sive, and argu­men­ta­tive. It is very easy that we col­or our deep and repressed feel­ings with antag­o­nism or even anger.

Watch out for anger. Watch out for pow­er plays in relationships.

But there are some help­ing aspects in this Full Moon also

One is the trine-sex­tile aspects that the two lights make with plan­et Jupiter, in a wedge for­ma­tion that aids the tension.

The sec­ond is the mag­nif­i­cent trine that Mer­cury in Scor­pio makes to Nep­tune in Pisces.

These aspects bring warm feel­ings, gen­tle­ness, gen­eros­i­ty, open­ness, hon­esty, inspired think­ing and spir­i­tu­al­i­ty, and they do work very pos­i­tive­ly for Pisces, Scor­pio, Can­cer, Vir­go, and Tau­rus per­sons, of the mid­dle sec­ond decan and the first days of the third decan.

But in my hum­ble opin­ion, these aspects can­not bal­ance the ampli­fied inten­si­ty that this Full Moon is hav­ing for the Signs of the Car­di­nal Cross and the Fixed Signs of the first days.

This may be for the better…

Some­times the shed­ding the old skin and the trans­form­ing into our new selves, worths all the pain that may come as a con­se­quence of this very process of transformation.

Embrace the poten­tial for trans­for­ma­tion that this Full Moon holds, by con­fronting fear­less­ly every­one that oppress­es or pos­sess­es you.

Do not fret and do not compromise!

But dear girls, do not for­get first and fore­most to con­front fear­less­ly, the dark side of yourselves.

Fight it, and come out as winners.

The true Moon in Aries, Ama­zon style.

You know. 😉

By astrologer Andrew Ifan­dis
Image by Adri­ana Kaste­lan