Full Moon in Pisces

14th September 2019

Full Moons mark the peak of a cycle and a contrast.

When the Full Moon is in the Sign of Pisces then there is our dreamy com­pas­sion­ate nature from one side, sym­bol­ized by the Moon, and our more prac­ti­cal self on the oth­er, sym­bol­ized by the Sun.

This Full Moon is the per­fect time to get inspired and dream big while at the same time it allows you to make the nec­es­sary prac­ti­cal small steps that grad­u­al­ly lead towards this greater vision. For some of us this Full Moon marks a time of faith and inspi­ra­tion. Romance and idealism.


This Full Moon in Pisces can be a bap­tism in renewed faith in ourselves.


But there is a small cau­tion that is also needed.

In order to reach those high­er planes of inspi­ra­tion, art, cre­ativ­i­ty, com­pas­sion­ate feel­ings, that are emit­ted by this Full Moon in Pisces, we have to start from hum­ble­ness. We need to have pure motives. That way we will be pro­tect­ed from dis­ap­point­ments, because we will be based on good ground aim­ing to high­er causes.

We also need to avoid ten­den­cies to flee into the dream-world that is the always present when the Full Moon is in the Sign of Pisces.

One oth­er thing is that Jupiter is square Nep­tune in this Full Moon so we all have to be care­ful not to get deceived by oth­ers who will try to impress us with their make – believe, or will try to present some­thing more than what there real­ly is.

This full moon in Pisces may awake a latent yearn­ing for romance and rela­tion­ships. A strong feel­ing of want­i­ng to belong some­where again.

But beware because no mat­ter how beau­ti­ful this may be, in this par­tic­u­lar case it is a need inflat­ed by our emotions.

It is a long­ing, full of hope, that is stirred with­in us, but we may bet­ter be sure first, before mak­ing any moves that may lead us to the wrong arms…, since judg­ment and motives are quite fog­gy under the influ­ence of this moon.


“Still run­ning around…go to waste time in the wrong arms…no, no, not for you & me”


Dis­cern what is hid­den behind the words and the other’s intentions.

Inspire but be deceived or car­ried away.

In gen­er­al, this is a ben­e­fi­cial Full Moon that can eas­i­ly inspire and present oppor­tu­ni­ties, the only thing want­i­ng from us is to have a prac­ti­cal sense and a pure heart.

So just be you, believe in you and stay true to you.

I wish you all to enjoy this Full Moon in Pisces. 


By Astrologer Andrew Ifan­dis

Image Adri­ana Kaste­lan