The Shopping Edit: How to Style a Corsage

Dig­i­tal Fash­ion Edi­tor Eve Fitz­patrick

If there is any acces­so­ry that has dom­i­nat­ed the year of 2023 it is the cor­sage. Seen on the cat­walks of Pra­da, Bluma­rine and Richard Quinn (to only name a few), design­ers have incor­po­rat­ed the flo­ral trend into their col­lec­tions through vary­ing meth­ods of artistry and styling.

Fash­ion is a cycli­cal thing, so its unavoid­able that trends will come and go through the years. In this case, the wear­ing of the cor­sage has been prac­ticed for cen­turies. Women since Ancient Greece have worn flow­ers pinned to their clothes to ward off evil spir­its. Now it’s still being done today to add an extra touch of fem­i­nin­i­ty and intrigue to our out­fits, and there are no rules to how they can be styled.

Here are the key pieces I’ll be pur­chas­ing to incor­po­rate this trend into my wardrobe: