Istituto Marangoni Phygital Show — ‘Disrupt/Distort’


The pres­ti­gious inter­na­tion­al school of fash­ion & design show­cased grad­u­ate col­lec­tions in an inno­v­a­tive event that blend­ed the Meta­verse with the mate­r­i­al world.

12 July 2023: Isti­tu­to Marango­ni Lon­don, the renowned fash­ion and design school, pre­sent­ed their grad­u­ate show­case, their first phy­gi­tal show, on Tues­day, 11th July. This run­way show bridged the phys­i­cal and vir­tu­al realms as part of the Lon­don school’s 20th Anniver­sary cel­e­bra­tions. Grad­u­ate col­lec­tions were unveiled at Unit 2, 110 Pen­ning­ton Street, East Lon­don and in the Meta­verse dur­ing the evening event. Isti­tu­to Marango­ni Lon­don School is a patron of the British Fash­ion Coun­cil and had a glit­ter­ing debut at Lon­don Fash­ion Week last Sep­tem­ber.

Ten excep­tion­al stu­dents select­ed by the school each pre­sent­ed six designs engag­ing the theme of DISRUPT/DISTORT. The ten stu­dents cho­sen were: Ange­lynne Viorenique Ander­sen, Anna Savchenko, Giju Kim, Ham­mo­tal Blair Hen, Hyun Jik Yoo, Jiaxi Zhuang, Lucrezia Grazi­oli, Natálie Kabeláčová, Rudraksh Singh, and Umme­hani Kanch­wala. The school chose an over­all win­ner for the Design­er of the Year, award­ed to Hyun Jik Yoo

Ummehani Kanchwala

Rudraksh Singh

Natálie Kabeláčová

Isti­tu­to Marango­ni is the first school to ven­ture into the Meta­verse with their vir­tu­al world called ‘The Tal­ent Dis­trict,’ where the cre­ative indus­tries are free to express their uni­ver­sal pow­er. The Lon­don Acad­e­my of Free­lance Make­up and Unite Hair­care pro­vid­ed sup­port for the grad­u­ates with their run­way pre­sen­ta­tions. Fol­low­ing Isti­tu­to Marangoni’s inau­gur­al phy­gi­tal run­way show in Dubai last year, which marked the open­ing of their new inter­na­tion­al cam­pus, the recent show­case demon­strat­ed the school’s endur­ing com­mit­ment to design, crafts­man­ship, and inno­va­tion.

The avant-garde school, which orig­i­nat­ed in Milan, now boasts cam­pus­es in Flo­rence, Paris, Lon­don, Mum­bai, Shang­hai, Shen­zhen, Mia­mi, and Dubai, and fos­ters a glob­al net­work of cul­tur­al exchanges, edu­ca­tion and col­lab­o­ra­tion. Isti­tu­to Marango­ni engages stu­dents through expe­ri­en­tial learn­ing by means of pro­grammes involv­ing influ­en­tial stake­hold­ers in the cre­ative indus­tries. The acclaimed menswear design­er, Grace Wales Bon­ner is a cur­rent men­tor for the Lon­don school and joins a dis­tin­guished group that has includ­ed the likes of Olivi­er Rouste­ing of Bal­main for the Paris school and emi­nent British jour­nal­ist, styl­ist and cre­ative direc­tor, Katie Grand, for Lon­don last year. The July run­way show was a pro­gres­sive event, high­light­ing the sig­nif­i­cance of first­hand indus­try expe­ri­ence, men­tor­ship in edu­ca­tion, and the future poten­tial of con­tem­po­rary advancements.

Lucrezia Grazioli

Jiaxi Zhuang

Hyun Jik Yoo

“We believe that the future of fash­ion and design lies at the inter­sec­tion of the phys­i­cal and vir­tu­al worlds. Isti­tu­to Marango­ni Lon­don is redefin­ing the pos­si­bil­i­ties of cre­ative expres­sion with our first phy­gi­tal show in the cap­i­tal. By embrac­ing cut­ting-edge tech­nolo­gies and vision­ary con­cepts, we invite you to wit­ness the extra­or­di­nary tal­ent of this year’s grad­u­ates as they tran­scend tra­di­tion­al lim­i­ta­tions and rede­fine the pos­si­bil­i­ties of the indus­try. The show also marks the Lon­don school’s 20th Anniver­sary — see how the imag­i­na­tions of our stu­dents are realised in an immer­sive new world of fash­ion,” says Valérie Berdah-Levy, Direc­tor of Isti­tu­to Marango­ni Lon­don.

The ever future-for­ward Isti­tu­to Marango­ni Lon­don will intro­duce a ground­break­ing MA in Respon­si­ble Fash­ion this Octo­ber. A crit­i­cal and impor­tant course for stu­dents will be avail­able to under­stand the devel­op­ment of new respon­si­ble fash­ion sys­tems. The pio­neer­ing pro­gramme will inte­grate sci­ences into the arts to pro­mote a sus­tain­able human-nature alliance; ush­er­ing in the era of the Sym­biocene. Stu­dents will be equipped with the tools to think crit­i­cal­ly, cre­ative­ly, and col­lab­o­ra­tive­ly, and the knowl­edge to rad­i­cal­ly reimag­ine and rein­ter­pret fash­ion for an age of con­scious and con­sid­ered change. The Dubai school also became the first accred­it­ed for­eign uni­ver­si­ty in the cre­ative field of fash­ion and design in the UAE. The UAE’s Min­istry of Edu­ca­tion Com­mu­ni­ca­tion for Aca­d­e­m­ic Accred­i­ta­tion grant­ed Isti­tu­to Marango­ni Dubai a 5‑year accred­i­ta­tion for Fash­ion Design, Inte­ri­or Design, Visu­al Design, and Prod­uct Design. 

Hammotal Blair Hen

Giju Kim

Anna Savchenko

Angelynne Viorenique Andersen

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Isti­tu­to Marango­ni

Isti­tu­to Marango­ni was found­ed in 1935 in Milan as ‘Isti­tu­to Artis­ti­co dell’Abbigliamento Marango­ni’, and has been a top edu­ca­tion­al choice for cre­atives in the worlds of fash­ion, art and design for over 85 years now. With four gen­er­a­tions of stu­dents from 5 con­ti­nents, it was the spring­board for over 45,000 lux­u­ry pro­fes­sion­als, includ­ing Domeni­co Dolce, Alessan­dro Sar­tori, Paula Cad­e­mar­tori, Gil­da Ambro­sio, Julie de Libran and Nico­la Brog­nano. Isti­tu­to Marango­ni cur­rent­ly wel­comes about 5,000 stu­dents from 108 dif­fer­ent coun­tries every year in its schools in the world cap­i­tals of fash­ion, art and design, includ­ing Milano,  Firen­ze, Paris, Lon­don, Dubai, Mum­bai, Shang­hai, Shen­zhen and Mia­mi. Isti­tu­to Marango­ni is ranked among the 100 best uni­ver­si­ties in the world in its fields accord­ing to QS World Uni­ver­si­ty Rank­ing 2023.