Marthe Wiggers @IMG Models

Marthe is the star of our cov­er sto­ry “If Walls Could Talk”. That sto­ry took a while to pre­pare for, but we didn’t real­ly dis­cuss the mod­el apart from want­i­ng some­one who would be very tall but ele­gant and who wouldn’t be too over­pow­ered by the set or get lost in bulky clothes. But apart from that, we weren’t that spe­cif­ic on the girl ‘each cre­ative tends to have in their head when cre­at­ing some­thing’. That all changed when we saw Marthe in the mod­el pack, we were all very sure this was she girl we all had in our heads for this sto­ry. We all thought she was per­fect for this and we had the best shoot. The unex­pect­ed bonus of the day was Woody, the res­i­dent stu­dio pooch who kept every­one enter­tained and who hap­pi­ly posed for one pho­to with Marthe. See the full edi­to­r­i­al for your­self in OVERDUE launch issue and let us know your opin­ion.

Pho­to Andrew Kim­ber  Hair Kieron Lavine  Make­up Natasha Lakic