Mosquito: The Timeless Fine Jewellery Brand Worth Investing In

Dig­i­tal Fash­ion Edi­tor Eve Fitz­patrick

The ele­gant and time­less Span­ish brand Mos­qui­to explore and exper­i­ment with fine jew­ellery through “col­lage, fash­ion and surf as artis­tic wear­able ele­ments.” The cap­sule pieces cre­at­ed tran­scend gen­er­a­tions and trends, designed with the inten­tion to be passed down through generations.

Cre­at­ed respon­si­bly in small-scale pro­duc­tions, each piece is made to order using local­ly sourced mate­r­i­al. Mos­qui­to only works with sup­pli­ers that guar­an­tee the ori­gin of each gem used with­in their jew­ellery, mean­ing every gem is trace­able adding a per­son­al and unique touch to each piece. With so many new brands com­ing out of the wood works it is impor­tant as a con­sumer to know that who you shop with are eth­i­cal­ly mind­ed. Because of this, Mos­qui­to will for sure be my go-to for min­i­mal­ist, state­ment pieces that can be mixed and matched so eas­i­ly with­in my wardrobe for many sea­sons to come. 

Here’s the top six pieces in my wish list: