New Moon in Virgo

by Andrew Ifan­dis

September 30th 2019

Each New Moon is a begin­ning, a reset, a new aware­ness.

When the New Moon is in the Sign of Vir­go then it is a time to start again pay­ing atten­tion to the prac­ti­cal and that which best serves us. 

Vir­go is a Sign that can build a com­plete­ly new world out of the most ordi­nary things. It can cre­ate mean­ing just by the mere rep­e­ti­tion of a habit or a rit­u­al. 

Whether it is the repeat­ed moves that weave cloth, the sewing of haute cou­ture, our dai­ly nutri­tion pro­gram fol­lowed with rev­er­ence, or the rep­e­ti­tion of a Yoga pos­ture, it is the small and the finest that defines us.

This New Moon in Vir­go is per­fect for adopt­ing new dai­ly rou­tines, start a health prac­tice and to attend to details and tasks that have been set aside.

It is also a New Moon that has Venus, the plan­et of Love par­tic­i­pat­ing in a pos­i­tive man­ner and makes us reflect on rela­tions, infus­ing desire with prac­ti­cal sense.

Who real­ly worths it, that we deem as



and use­ful,

all togeth­er at the same time,

 is the cen­tral ques­tion of this NEW MOON.

And through this ques­tion, it is that this prac­ti­cal and earthy New Moon comes to relate to our love life and to impor­tant per­sons.

The ener­gy of this New Moon com­bines real­iza­tions, care­ful thought, and plan­ning. It mix­es erot­ic desire with prac­ti­cal feel­ings and love ges­tures. It gives cre­ativ­i­ty with a will­ing­ness for work. It is charm­ing, prac­ti­cal, cathar­tic and orig­i­nal, and there­fore it:

• may bring com­plete­ly new love affairs that have long term poten­tial,

• allows us to re-enter, after the nec­es­sary thought, into rela­tions that start­ed to appear the pre­vi­ous weeks and came to a stop,

• brings feel­ings of cathar­sis since after analy­sis, we can now clear­ly see where we stand in rela­tions,

• is ide­al for start­ing up new busi­ness projects, and for pro­fes­sion­al advance­ment,

• can be the per­fect time to announce planned deci­sions (like mar­riage vows or wed­ding dates),

• is per­fect for deci­sions that relate to health, nutri­tion and our every­day rou­tine,

• is very good for cre­ative events that relate to Vogue, Fash­ion, Pho­tog­ra­phy and Art

• is the per­fect time to express our love inter­est to some­one we care for, and he \ she does not know it.

I wish you all a fan­tas­tic and vogue New Moon in Vir­go!

By Astrologer Andrew Ifan­dis

Image “Hes­tia” by Caris Reid