OVERDUE Digital Issue #003 ‘Artistry’ Paloma Faith

Open­ing Image: Spi­ral Trench Coat worn under­neath WED, Blaz­er dress worn on top Giuseppe Di Mora­bito, Sil­ver Brooches Emi­ly Frances Bar­rett, Tights Falke, Vin­tage shoes Vivi­enne West­wood

We are thrilled to final­ly reveal the cov­er of OVERDUE Issue #003 Dig­i­tal Cov­er- Artistry, fea­tur­ing the incred­i­ble Palo­ma Faith! 

Stay tuned for the full edi­to­r­i­al and arti­cle, in which we dis­cuss the sound of Paloma’s new album, ‘Infi­nite Things’. It’s a soli­tary jour­ney with lock­down as its guid­ing beat, doc­u­ment­ing domes­tic­i­ty and endur­ing love, from the female per­spec­tive.

Issue #003 will cen­tre around not only fash­ion but artistry in all forms. Art should and does tell a sto­ry through every detail, equal­ly, we aim to mir­ror this nar­ra­tiv­i­ty through edi­to­ri­als and fea­tures the read­er can sink into and be moved.

Here is a small pre­view of the dig­i­tal cov­er sto­ry and inter­view. Keep an eye on Insta­gram for the full dig­i­tal and print issues, com­ing soon.

Over­sized pol­ka dress House of Shel­don­Hall, socks Falke,
Red Monk buck­le creep­ers Saint Lau­rent.

Words Miran­da Wilkin­son

“Every record you put out by def­i­n­i­tion, records a moment in time,” says Palo­ma, speak­ing to me over the phone, in our ‘new nor­mal’ inter­view set-up. She’s com­ing straight off anoth­er call and jumps right in to talk­ing about her lat­est and fifth stu­dio album, like the true indus­try stal­wart she is.  

“This album is more about the ‘warts and all’ nature of being con­nect­ed to anoth­er per­son, beyond phys­i­cal attrac­tion. The intro­spec­tive nature of the pan­dem­ic and specif­i­cal­ly of lock­down, plays into the explorato­ry ten­den­cies of an artist. I taught myself to pro­duce music for the first time; it was a total­ly dif­fer­ent process as opposed to my pre­vi­ous albums.”

“My USP is the fact that I am bru­tal­ly hon­est;’” she gig­gles, “some peo­ple find it shock­ing and some peo­ple find it lib­er­at­ing. And I feel like this album will do both of those things – there are songs where I talk about how unbear­able it is to be with my part­ner but I will still stay with him and there are songs where I talk about my child and I say things that aren’t sen­ti­men­tal. I wrote the lyrics All the joy and all the chaos I see in your eyes that life brings, those infi­nite things, because being a moth­er isn’t just idyl­lic and per­fect, you sac­ri­fice a lot.”

Flo­ral jacquard top Shushu Tong, hat Cha­layan, rings and bracelet Grasil­ver.

As we are both moth­ers, we dis­cuss the beau­ty and bru­tal­i­ty of moth­er­hood and she says her record is very real and some might see it as a fem­i­nist album as it draws heav­i­ly on liv­ing in lock­down with her nuclear fam­i­ly.

When she thinks about her own iden­ti­ty as an artist, Palo­ma feels it can be dis­tilled in to two main ele­ments. While study­ing scenog­ra­phy at Cen­tral St Mar­tins, (direct­ing and design­ing for the­atre), she remem­bers that her course teacher told her that the direc­tion for her Mas­ters would take the form of some­thing that she would be con­cerned with for the rest of her life, because all artists have some kind of nat­ur­al lean­ing or focus to a cen­tral theme in all their work. And when she looks at hers, it’s essen­tial­ly about inter­ac­tion with oth­er peo­ple, the human con­di­tion and about how we con­nect with each oth­er.

By default, she chose music as her main cre­ative out­put as “it’s a nat­u­ral­ly uni­fy­ing art form, non-elit­ist, every­one is wel­come and it unites peo­ple from all walks of life. We all have inher­ent­ly com­mon expe­ri­ences that can be shared through music and song that touch on some­thing that is uni­ver­sal to the human con­di­tion.” 

Her focus has been what unites us, rather than what divides us, and this album is a con­ver­sa­tion about some­thing that’s very famil­iar to us all…

To read the full inter­view with Palo­ma Faith keep an eye out for our print issue release at the end of Novem­ber. Avail­able as a pre-order in our shop very soon!

Embell­ished knit­ted dress Chet Lo, Glen­da Dou­ble sleeved coat Huis­han Zhang,
leather gloves Ines Gloves. tights Falke, Shoes Guc­ci.

Tal­ent Palo­ma Faith
Pho­tog­ra­ph­er Andrew Kim­ber
Cre­ative Direc­tor Tess Sav­ina
Styl­ist Nick Roy­al
Set Design­er Jemi­ma Het­her­ing­ton
Cre­ative Pro­duc­tion Stu­dio Bajek
Hair Eamonn Hugh­es using Sam McK­night
Make­up Phoebe Wal­ters using Char­lotte Tilbury
Pho­tog­ra­phy Assis­tants Vital­ij Sidorovic & Gur­dit Singh
Styling Assis­tants Ali­cia Apari­cio & Masha Lig­ay
Video­g­ra­ph­er Sam Suther­land
Pub­lic Rela­tions Daw­Bell PR