Prophetik SS21 Collection

Words by Thomas Brooks

“I can’t go back to yes­ter­day because I was a dif­fer­ent per­son then” — Lewis Car­roll, Alice Adven­tures in Won­der­land & Through the Look­ing Glass. 

Jeff Gar­ner’s lat­est SS21 col­lec­tion dives deep ‘Down the Rab­bit Hole’ as LFW grasps hold of inno­v­a­tive ways of pre­sent­ing a run­way. Gar­ner’s method of show­cas­ing his lat­est col­lec­tion is all about per­for­mance, from a strad­dled horse in South Aud­ley Street to the crys­tal glass­es and fine chi­na in Thomas & Goode Co. This was one of the first shows in Lon­don with phys­i­cal seats, I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to go through the look­ing-glass as we all sat as Mad Hat­ters, hav­ing a tea par­ty with beau­ti­ful gar­ments with mis­matched fab­rics of hemp, linen and silk. From the hair and make­up, the styling and the envi­ron­ment, it was 20 min­utes of escapism from real­i­ty.

Gar­ner’s ‘Down the Rab­bit Hole’ col­lec­tion attracts fab­rics from Indone­sia, Scot­land and the Amer­i­c­as — cre­at­ing jux­ta­posed tex­ture, a new inter­pre­ta­tion of the Vic­to­ri­an sil­hou­ette and poet­ry. Fur­ther­more, when one thinks of Vic­to­ri­an fash­ion, we gen­er­al­ly think of indus­tri­al­i­sa­tion and con­strict­ed gar­ments. How­ev­er, Gar­ner’s col­lec­tion is a won­der­ful para­dox, Vic­to­ri­an sil­hou­ettes that feel free and clean.