Amanda Wakeley Autumn/Winter 2020

Explor­ing Aman­da Wakeley’s col­lec­tion for Autumn and Win­ter for 2020 has been a delight as they put togeth­er two col­lec­tions with an Asian influ­ence. Col­lec­tive­ly the designs and tex­tures that make this col­lec­tion so strong is upheld by Aman­da Wakeley’s syn­ony­mous crafts­man­ship – pre­sent­ing us with a col­lec­tion that pre­pares us for AW20. Beyond what makes the brand per­fect in its aes­thet­ic and qual­i­ty, ver­sa­til­i­ty in the col­lec­tion is present. It is said here first, the new col­lec­tions for AW20 by Aman­da Wake­ley suits all; with the judo belts with hand fring­ing, plush vel­vet and vibran­cy in colour – we can all be a part of Aman­da Wakeley’s uni­verse, tru­ly.

Autumn 2020

Autumn 2020: “The Wake­ley Woman is a con­tem­po­rary war­rior”. This col­lec­tion is inspired by Japan, this tran­spires through craft­man­ship and details which give a sto­ry of a “rich and sto­ried cul­ture”. Upon explor­ing the Autumn 2020 col­lec­tion, one can’t help but admire the tai­lor­ing and the ease to lay­er with the gar­ments, you’d want to say there is a min­i­mal­ist ele­ment to the cloth­ing; how­ev­er, there are details such as a fringed belt extend­ing from lapels that chal­lenge this thought. With the Japan­ese inspi­ra­tion in mind, the col­lec­tion doesn’t waver – this col­lec­tion feels true to Aman­da Wake­ley. The tai­lor­ing and use of mate­r­i­al feel British, but the inspi­ra­tion is sub­tle and impact­ful. 

If you’re not a Wake­ley Woman, you will be this Autumn. This col­lec­tion takes you from your work­day with sar­to­r­i­al ele­gance to the evening with a mod­ern kimono. Also, did I men­tion that this col­lec­tion allows you to lay­er with ease?

Win­ter 2020 Mood Board

Win­ter 2020: We have left Japan and now we’ve head­ed for Mus­tang, the lost King­dom of Tibet. We all have a way of sto­ry­telling, whether it be a poem, a nar­ra­tive, phi­los­o­phy, or even art such as a paint­ing or pho­tog­ra­phy. Who knew that in one col­lec­tion, Aman­da Wake­ley could revive the lost sto­ries of Lo through beau­ti­ful details in cuffs, hand fringed judo belts and vibrant colours? Wake­ley has pre­sent­ed three notice­able tex­tures for this sea­son; silk, wool and shear­ling. Behold, the Wake­ley Woman can move with grace with silk cuffs and be strong with a wool twill dress. Speak­ing with their fab­u­lous team, I was left with but­ter­flies to how ver­sa­tile their pieces were – to have a dress styled with the match­ing skirt or trousers, cinched at the waist, lay­ered with a fringed wool kimono. There could be 101 options for one gar­ment. Any­one, includ­ing I will feel com­fort­able and pow­er­ful wear­ing these pieces wher­ev­er I am, whether it be Tibet or Lon­don.

Vibrant Orange

You’ll have to wait a few months until AW20 is released, but for now Aman­da Wake­ley’s sto­ry­telling of Japan­ese and Tibetan cul­ture will have to be a leg­end until it finds its place in your wardrobe. 

By Thomas Brooks FRSA - Junior Fash­ion Edi­tor

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