Institut Esthederm Intensive Propolis+

Words by Thomas Brooks

COVID-19 and the pan­dem­ic has tak­en us to extreme lengths as we get through 2020; we may par­take in dif­fer­ent activ­i­ties for the sake of our men­tal health such as bak­ing, watch­ing tele­vi­sion or clean­ing. How­ev­er, for many try­ing to dis­tract one­self, oth­ers are fight­ing anoth­er bat­tle – adult acne. One rea­son as to why we’re fight­ing an increase in adult acne is due to our PPE (Per­son­al Pro­tec­tion Equip­ment). Pro­longed wear of masks can cause fric­tion, an epi­der­mal bar­ri­er break­down and con­tact reac­tions, all rea­sons that can aggra­vate already exist­ing adult acne. Some peo­ple are start­ing to nick­name this as ‘maskne’. 

How­ev­er, don’t fret, OVERDUE has the solu­tion you’ve been need­ing. Insti­tut Esthe­d­erm has relaunched it’s Propo­lis+ range this year, with per­fect tim­ing to help ease your adult acne. The first ques­tion that prob­a­bly pops to mind is: ‘What is Propo­lis, and why?’. Propo­lis is pro­duced by bees which has a com­pound called pinocem­brin. This flavonoid is the per­fect pro­tec­tive bar­ri­er for acne as it has anti-inflam­ma­to­ry and anti-micro­bial prop­er­ties which are use­ful in wound heal­ing.

Insti­tut Esthe­d­erm Inten­sive Propo­lis+ Serum. £48

Insti­tut Esthederm’s Inten­sive Propo­lis+ range is per­fect for those who strug­gle with mask induced acne, using tar­get­ing ingre­di­ents such as sal­i­cylic acid, zinc and fer­ulic acid; the per­fect com­bi­na­tion to act on black­heads, oili­ness and vis­i­ble pores. For OVERDUE, the star per­former in the range is the Serum. With its inno­v­a­tive tip, the serum can be applied specif­i­cal­ly to irri­tat­ed areas that are prone to break­outs. It is light­weight, spreads even­ly across affect­ed areas and works extreme­ly well with oth­er prod­ucts in the Inten­sive Propo­lis+ range. This prod­uct helps reduce the appear­ance of enlarged pores and encour­ages your nat­ur­al com­plex­ion to be radi­ant and clear. The Inten­sive Propo­lis+ Mois­turis­er accom­pa­nies well with the serum, con­tain­ing Bio­mimet­ic Pep­tides to help with anti-aging, whilst con­tain­ing fer­ulic acid – the ide­al antiox­i­dant to reduce fine lines and com­bat spots.

The Inten­sive Propo­lis+ range is per­fect for every­day use if one tack­les adult acne, how­ev­er, this is a life­saver for those he need help with mask induced acne.

Avail­able online at NAOS