Vegan Milk Moisturiser by Milk Makeup

Don’t fret if you’re lac­tose intol­er­ant, Milk Make­up is 100% veg­an, cru­el­ty-free and paraben-free. Tak­ing the lead in the sci­ence of beau­ty, it is clear that Milk aims to accom­mo­date for all; even more so with the brand’s core belief of indi­vid­u­al­i­ty and self-expres­sion. In an indus­try where high end beau­ty brands influ­ence the cur­rent and upcom­ing social trends/shifting sta­tus quo – Milk Make­up com­fort­ably sits above all, allow­ing you to be you.

Rejoice as OVERDUE plays with Milk Makeup’s new Veg­an Milk Mois­turis­er, giv­ing you first-hand insight.

With the aim to soft­en and soothe the skin with excel­lent results of 100% across the board for con­sumer per­cep­tion stud­ies – what is in this mag­i­cal green tub? Is it the Emer­ald City of Oz? Let us lead you down the yel­low brick road… Desert Milk™ (as list­ed by Sara Wren, Stu­dio Artist at Milk Make­up) is made from Kala­hari Mel­on, Jojo­ba, Baobab and Aloe Vera. Desert Milk™ is the secret behind their new prod­uct sup­ply­ing our frag­ile skin with love and mois­ture, soothed by the won­der of aloe vera. It also includes Fig Milk, Oat Milk and Argan Milk. These ingre­di­ents are only the start, the tub is brim­ming with ingre­di­ents that con­tributes to the health of our skin. This is essen­tial­ly the prod­uct you choose when desert­ed on an island on your own.

Milk Make­up states this prod­uct “thrives in arid envi­ron­ments”, and we can con­firm. As we, OVERDUE, base our­selves in Lon­don, hear a syn­chro­nised “yes!” from the team as I say this: work­ing and liv­ing in city pol­lu­tion, and deal­ing with win­ter of the UK is tough on our skin. As we slather our­selves in the Veg­an Milk Mois­turis­er, we are ready to com­bat the harsh pol­lu­tants with the four Milk’s that make this mois­turis­er so sacred.

I have now led you down the yel­low brick road to the Emer­ald City of Milk Make­up. The Beau­ty Edi­tor and I have stocked our refrig­er­a­tors with Milk Make­up’s skin­care, here is our mid­night snacks.

Water­mel­on, any­one?

Out of the Water­mel­on Bright­en­ing range, the Water­mel­on Bright­en­ing Serum is the first step of your day. Being the first sol­id serum, every bit of hydra­tion and bright­en­ing that vit­a­min A, C and E gives is giv­en direct­ly to your skin. We love a liq­uid serum, how­ev­er a sol­id serum changes every­thing.

‘Brighter Skin in a Stick’
We all know that water best served ice cold — straight from the refrig­er­a­tor

Who knew that the health ben­e­fits of drink­ing cold water can now be applied direct­ly to my skin? I no longer reach for my Evian, and I nev­er go for tap — Cool­ing Water by Milk Make­up will do.

Cool­ing Water Eye Stick

Anoth­er sol­id stick goody, the Cool­ing Water Eye Stick applied direct­ly to my under eyes when refrig­er­at­ed imme­di­ate­ly cools and de-puffs; tack­ling that ear­ly morn­ing and feel­ing refreshed. This eye stick def­i­nite­ly packs a punch, and when fol­lowed after their Cool­ing Water Eye Patch­es, you can nev­er be dehy­drat­ed ever again.

If you know what’s good for you, I sug­gest you pack your fridges — and your skin. 

By Thomas Brooks FRSA — Junior Fash­ion Edi­tor

Where to buy?: Cult Beau­ty